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What would you do if your business lost all of its data?

Data backup is a very important part of IT, yet it is often overlooked, with potentially disastrous consequences.  How would your business cope if one of your computers got a virus and its data could not be retrieved?  Or if your Network Attached Storage (NAS) was not backed up and you lost all the data?

Data can be lost in various ways.  These range from accidental errors, like spilling your coffee, to uncontrollable situations, such as theft or fire. Viruses and malware can also corrupt data or you could have hardware failure.

Backing up is making a copy of the important documents that you cannot afford to lose. So if the original copy is lost, you can restore this from the backup.  The backed up copy should be saved in a different location to the original copy, in case of an event such as a fire. Your backed up data will be safe in another location.

There are various methods of backing up your data and these depend on various factors, like the level of security and your budget. Data backup methods can range from a simple USB stick to multiple NAS devices backing up to each other. There is also data backup software.  This enables users to backup data between the various computers within a company so that if one machine goes down, data is backed up onto to another machine.

Many larger companies now have a NAS drive (Network Attached Storage) or server. This enables companies to have a central location where employees can access company-related documents. These should also be backed up to another location. Albeit to another NAS drive/server in another location or to a computer.

Since the IT industry has advanced drastically in the past few years, so have Data Backups. Another common method for Data Backups, is backing up to “the cloud.” This is storing your data in the outside world, in the same way iPhones backup to iCloud. This is syncing your data, periodically, on a server based outside of your premises, which means that your data will be safe if your office had a fire for example.

If you are worried about your data not being backed up correctly, then we are here to offer you the best advice possible.